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As a doll maker, I sit and watch as dolls come and go. I also watch as one little boy...

"Hey I'm a Dude" comes a little voice from in my wool rack. I stand corrected. You see there are lots of people (mostly dad's if i'm honest) who say that boys (the human kind) shouldn't have dolls...

"I'm not a doll" comes the little voice again.

I know that - i'm explaining to the nice friends reading this why you are a dude!

"Oh! Carry on!"

Where was I? Oh yes lots of dad's have a "thing" about boys having dolls. So we (doll maker and little helpers like the one hiding in my wool rack) decided to make 'boy dolls' cool.

So, may I introduce my little DUDE. This is Harvey. He is a very adventurous boy-doll/DUDE. He likes to pretend he is Bear Grills, ship wrecked on dessert Islands and hunting for food with his bare hands.

"I even have to drink my own w......"

I don't think the nice people need to know that Harvey. Come to think of it, why are you in my wool rack?

"I'm lost in a dark forest and I fell down a hole into the roots of a tree (the wool is the roots you know - like string, stringy roots!) and I have to find my way out without getting too tangled up!"


I hate to think what my wool rack looks like now - thank goodness its behind a curtain. More than once I have had to scold him for making a mess in my workshop. But with that boyish laugh and big grin, I have to surrender. But he's bored of hanging around with a bunch of girlies and has asked me to find him a home. He has politely asked for a few things:



  • a nightly snack of biscuit crumbs and warm tea.
  • a soft bed to share.
  • and a friend with a sense of adventure.

I think his requests are rather reasonable, so please consider welcoming this little rascal into your home.

  • Harvey is 16" of imagination,
  • Cotton boxers,
  • Long trousers with braces
  • A t-shirt with doggy applique
  • Snap fastenings
  • Felt boots
  • Brown acrylic yarn hair (suitable for machine bathing)

All the materials used to make my dolls are all EU Safety certified CE, EN71 and Oeko-Tex tested.