Our Story so far

I started Dress-A-Doll in 2012 after listening to my customers comments about the doll I was selling at the time. We were being asked for dolls with different colour hair and extra outfits, furniture and accessories - but there were none for 16" Rag Dolls.

So Dress-A-Doll was born (my hubby came up with the name!)  




Our Story of Dress-A-Doll

As a mum, I wanted to create a product that wouldn't have annoying packaging (no more frustrated kids at Christmas!) - I wanted practical packaging that wasn't thrown away, but could be used. Bring in the vintage style suitcase! As a mum of 2 boys, one of whom loves taking his toys exploring in the great outdoors - I needed my Rag Dolls to be washable - easily! Our Rag Dolls can be machine washed at 40 degrees! And come out looking just as good as she went in! 

My ambition is to create a 100% Made in Britain Doll, clothes and accessories that are competitively price - but demonstrates our attention to detail and most of all quality. Although we still use factories in other countries, we try to work with companies who have a connection with Britain. In 2017 we are aiming to expand our team of knitters, crocheters and seamstresses and create a small factory right here in Lutterworth.

And because we believe in our quality we offer places in our Rag Dolly Hospital for those so well loved Rag Dolls who need a little bit of TLC to get better, and return them to their home looking as good as new (or as close as we can get them....they may have a few scars).

To make our Rag Dolls stand out, we have created a Rag Doll that bridges the gap between the traditional Rag Doll with fixed hair and the Vinyl dolls with synthetic hair -  Our dolls have a full head of long hair that can be plaited and styled just like the Vinyl dolls, but still keeping the soft bodied cuddle-able Rag Doll.

To compliment the doll we are creating an expanding range of outfits, both traditional and modern that can be accessorised with everything from hair accessories, jewellery and shoes - you can never have enough shoes!

We like to keep in touch with our customers, and send useful information about our dolls and clothing, activities for all age ranges and of course, those of you who register your Rag Doll receive a special personalised certificate and are the first to know about new clothing & accessories, special offers and more!

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