Sweet Pea

After running around the field of forget-me-nots and bluebells Sweet Pea flopped down and signed a smile. 

She dreams of her new home. A new adventure with a new friend. Although Sweet Pea is a shy little doll, she has big dreams of outdoor adventures with her friends.

Lying on her tummy, her messy buns blowing in the breeze, Sweet Pea watches as a little bumble bee flies from one bluebell to another.  Swinging her little legs behind her, her little cream shoes showing off their pink soles.

We had to think a lot about her shoes. Having dusky pink hair and a gorgeous spring mint and linen dress, I had to come up with something that would complement her complexion. We decided on cream, beige and pink and a special lining of pink flowers. But which way round to use the colours. 


Sweet pea can't wait to show you her special shoes. She has so much love to give and I know you will love her.

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  • Hi Sweet Pea happy to see you hoping your new home will be in America, we have so much fun things to do and make you feel at home, I will be sending your mom a picture of me to show her how sweet and loving I will be for you Sweet Pea hope to see you soon Traci & Chloe

    Traci Baker

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