Oh Birdy!

"Why do birds fly?"

"Because that's the way God made them." sighed the dollmaker. She had been answering Birdy's questions from the moment she sat down at the sewing machine. She was supposed to be making Birdy her clothes, but instead she was answering this inquisitive little doll's questions. 

 "Why did you choose a rusty colour for my dress?"

"Because it matches your hair." Replied the dollmaker.

"And why did you pick that fabric, the one with birds on?"

"Because you are named after the birds, you sing just as sweetly. When you're not asking me questions that is!" The dollmaker paused as she held up the rusty red dress. "Are you ready to try it on?"

"Oh yes" Birdy sang, slipping her arms into the sleeves. The doll maker popped the snaps on the back of the dress and Birdy twirled around to show her. "oh wow!" she exclaimed in excitement, "its so twirly, just like one of those pretty dancers on the television!" "Look at me spin!"

Birdy danced around the table, spinning and twirling, just like the dancers she so loved to watch.

Singing sweetly, she jumped down from the table where the doll maker was finishing her pinny, the one with little birds on, and danced and sang happily. Twirling her way to the window seat, where she could watch the little bluetit feed from the birdtable.

"Why are bluetits blue?"

Oh Birdy!

  • Birdy Meadowlark is 16" of songs and questions,
  • Linen and cotton bloomers,
  • Rusty red dress
  • Red bird cotton trimmed with linen and ricrac
  • Hand dyed Brown satin shoes
  • Red curly Mohair yarn hair (not suitable for machine washing)

Birdy Meadowlark ready to go home 


All the materials used to make my dolls are all EU Safety certified CE, EN71 and Oeko-Tex tested. Hand bath only (due to her hair).

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