Lily Lilac-Blossom

Finally, Lily says - She's been waiting for this moment all week. 

Lily Lilac-Blossom has been excitedly questioning me at every moment she can about her new home. 

She's been sat in the workshop for so long, it was time to get her dressed and find her a home. {sigh} Inspired buy her gorgeous pastel hair Lily fell in love with Lilac - of course her favourite colour. (I wonder why!) We found some pretty fabric for the pockets and the back of her t-shirt. I picked out some lovely yellow buttons for her dungarees, but Lily was having none of it and chose green! She certainly knows what she likes!

And those shoes - they had to be purple. I chose a lovely yellow floss to embroider the stitches onto her shoes, but yet again this strong willed little elfin got her own way and green floss was used! I have to admit it does look better, but not to Lily! And just to add that little something we chose a red spotty button to match the little mushrooms on her pockets.

Lily Lilac-Blossom, a little doll who knows her mind and has a very good sense of humour, which i hope her new friend will love as much as I do.

I wish her all all the love in my heart in finding a new home, and for now I will leave you to be inspired by her sweet face.


Lily will be available on my website on Sunday April 15th at 12 noon

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