Full of Adventure

As a doll maker, I sit and watch as dolls come and go. I also watch as one little boy...

"Hey I'm a Dude" comes a little voice from in my wool rack. I stand corrected. You see there are lots of people (mostly dad's if i'm honest) who say that boys (the human kind) shouldn't have dolls...

"I'm not a doll" comes the little voice again.

I know that - i'm explaining to the nice friends reading this why you are a dude!

"Oh! Carry on!"

Where was I? Oh yes lots of dad's have a "thing" about boys having dolls. So we (doll maker and little helpers like the one hiding in my wool rack) decided to make 'boy dolls' cool.

So, may I introduce my little DUDE. This is Harvey. He is a very adventurous boy-doll/DUDE. He likes to pretend he is Bear Grills, ship wrecked on dessert Islands and hunting for food with his bare hands.

"I even have to drink my own w......"

I don't think the nice people need to know that Harvey. Come to think of it, why are you in my wool rack?

"I'm lost in a dark forest and I fell down a hole into the roots of a tree (the wool is the roots you know - like string, stringy roots!) and I have to find my way out without getting too tangled up!"


I hate to think what my wool rack looks like now - thank goodness its behind a curtain. More than once I have had to scold him for making a mess in my workshop. But with that boyish laugh and big grin, I have to surrender. But he's bored of hanging around with a bunch of girlies and has asked me to find him a home. He has politely asked for a few things:

  •  a nightly snack of biscuit crumbs and warm tea.
  • a soft bed to share.
  • and a friend with a sense of adventure.

I think his requests are rather reasonable, so please consider welcoming this little rascal into your home.

  • Harvey is 16" of imagination,
  • Cotton boxers,
  • Long trousers with braces
  • A t-shirt with doggy applique
  • Snap fastenings
  • Felt boots
  • Brown acrylic yarn hair (suitable for machine bathing)

So if you think you have the perfect home for Harvey, Meet him HERE on Sunday 27th May at 12 noon.

He'll be waiting.


  • I think he is gorgeous! When I was little (about 35 years ago!) I had a Tiny Tears and my brother always wanted to play with her. My mum wanted to get my brother his own doll but my dad was adamant he couldn’t have one as it was a girls toy and it would make him gay!! I’m happy to say that I think times have moved on and that ridiculous old fashioned attitude is only around in a handful of people. Why wouldn’t a boy want a little friend doll? And if it is a little boy doll too, all the better! This one is gorgeous!

  • i look forward to seeing your posts. Each and every doll portrays a big character made and born, with no doubt long but enjoyable hours of dedicated work and thoughtful details, each one unique but related through an individual talent. Wow just Wow <3

    Denise Turner
  • Oh, my goodness gracious saints alive! He is so adorable! He reminds me of my nephew when he was a wee one!

    Dotty Lessley

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