Dress-a-doll's Hands-on-Holiday

Well it's finally arrived. The date has been set for my operation on my hands - both at the same time- and it just happens to co-inside with the summer holidays.

Good planning eh!

So the plan of action is this...

Dress-a-doll is open for business as normal, however posting out parcels will be  delayed and there will be NO DOLL UPLOADS OR CLOTHING UPLOADS.

I'm planning to take 5-6 weeks off from sewing to give my hands the best chance of mending. And its a good excuse to spend some time with my boys (they are growing fast! I still can't believe Thomas has grown 5cm in 8 months and gone up 1 1/2 shoe sizes and will be 12 years old this July! )

So enjoy your summer holiday and the wonderful sun we have here in England (at the moment).

Happy Holidays!



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  • Viv

    Wishing you a very successful operation and a speedy recovery with hands better than new to craft all imaginable creations.

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