Change is a foot...


...and an arm, a leg, a head, tummy and a cut little tush!Super sized dolls feet at The Rag Doll Shop

Yes, I have come to that point in my year where I have to think long and hard about what I am doing. (And some days that includes putting one foot in front of the other.)

As some of you are aware, I have a black dog (aka depression) that depending on its mood can be good on some days and bad on other. I also moved house with my menagerie of boys and animals into our 1930's Cottage, right next to a working farm.

Black dog depressionThe move went well, but my head/black dog hasn't. I'm slowly catching up. I know it takes time, and when moving years! But it kicks me up the tush and makes me look at where I am going with my life.

I have decided to slow down a little. Because of the 'dog' and my growing boys. I don't want to let my dog take over my life and I don't want any regrets and miss my boys growing up.

So decisions have been made...

I have closed the shop to the public during the week (don't panic i'm not going anywhere). You will be able to see me in the window sewing though, as we have moved all the equipment downstairs into the old shop. 

I will open on the first Saturday of every month from 11am to 5pm. This way I can make sure we are stocked up.

 I will make at least 2 new outfits a month that will be sold in The Rag Doll Shop and website. I will also make 1 Ooak (One of a kind) outfit every month to be sold via Ebay in an auction. These outfits will be not be repeatable. 

 I will update you on what's being made that month via Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and of course email. (aside.... PLEASE add my email address to your contacts as it tends to like sitting in the trash/junk)

I am going to change the way I register the dolls, as it is way to time consuming at the moment... I'm still working on this one. 



 I am also going to create a little community of people, who have a passion for sewing, a child-like heart and will put all their love into bringing to life my dolls! 

This is more of a future thing - but this is what I had intended to do from the start. And this time I am determined to do it! 

So, now you know whats going on in my head and an idea into where we are going in the business. I am inspired by Cinnamon Miles and the way she has built her business. Now I'm learning, a lot, the way I need to go.

So watch this space and make sure you are subscribed to get the auction dates and new listings.

Thanks for listening :)


 Ruth's signature, owner of The Rag Doll Shop and Ruthie & co. Ltd


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  • Ruth , I wish you all the luck with any new project and decision you make. You know how I love the dolls and the outfits you offer. I am one of your biggest fans, good luck always ???

    Anne Esmond

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