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Calling all 7 to 9 year old girls. Would you like to be our ‘Aimee’ in a forthcoming series of books?” Enter our competition to be the face of ‘Aimee’ in the published photographic illustrations.

That’s the question that Lutterworth shop owner, Ruth Lord, is asking. Ruth owns ‘Dress-A-Doll’ in the High Street, a shop that, unsurprisingly, sells rag dolls as well as accessories for them. She is also now producing a series of books to go with the dolls that will be sold as part of a package and individually in 2016; they will be published by 3P Publishing. Initially they will feature three of her dolls: Megan, Annie and Mabel, but they are all owned (in the stories) by Aimee and Ruth is looking for a girl who would love to be the model in the book.

The shop has been open for 2 years and in that time the main age group for buying the dolls has been 7 to 11 year old girls so it makes perfect sense to put ‘Aimee’ in that age group.
“Every week we have young girls come into the shop who love playing with the dolls and who adore the dolls that they buy. They always want new dresses and accessories and slowly the idea of stories came about,” Ruth explained. “I have collaborated with a published author and we have come up with the first series of stories. Now we need to illustrate those stories in photographs and that was when I realised we need an ‘Aimee’. We are excited about this and I hope there are lots of children that would like to try out for the part.”

The competition winner will be in all the stories; there are 3 short books planned at the moment, which will be added to in 2016. In addition she will also receive the three character dolls of Megan, Annie and Mabel and a copy of each of the books. The two runners up will receive a choice of one of the dolls.

Submissions should now be made to Ruth Lord at enclosing a short biography of the entrant and a photo. Alternatively please drop into the shop and meet Ruth. Your entry will need to be in by 5pm on Saturday 19th December. A short list of 10 will be drawn up and those chosen invited to the shop on Saturday 9th Januaryand a winner will be picked that day.

37 High Street
LE17 4AY

Tea party in Dolly’s Hill

(Aimee’s world: a little girl with a vivid imagination, Aimee sees things that to her are absolutely real. This story is as Aimee sees it). In the real world Aimee will be any child who buys these dolls and sees her own adventures with them.

 3 Extracts from Mabel, Annie & Megan’s stories…


Aimee (and Mabel):


Today she was going to have a tea party for her three rag dolls: Mabel, Annie and Megan. It was late summer and Aimee would be going back to school soon and she wanted to have one last unforgettable day before things like school came back into her life.

At the bottom of Aimee’s bed was Mabel. All blonde hair and smiley face, she was Aimee’s favourite, but she never let on to the other two. 

Mabel loved tea parties and she knew that today was extra special because Aimee had told of her plans the night before.

Aimee looked at Mabel expectantly. “Are you looking forward to today?”

Mabel’s head rose from where she had been sleeping and with great joy exclaimed “Oh yes Aimee, I can’t wait.”




Annie had been up a little while already and she was out looking for ladybirds, but she hadn’t found any yet. Did ladybirds sleep in late, Annie wondered? Maybe they were up late last night or maybe they got up extra early and had already flown to other gardens. A few leaves had fallen in the garden, but in the late summer there weren’t enough yet for her favourite time.

Leaves kicking time. They were so much fun they made her laugh. Aimee would take her to the park and they would spend ages kicking them into the air. She loved doing that.




Music filled Megan’s bedroom. Megan was in the spare bedroom on the top floor and she liked that as she could be left to make as much noise as she liked. The girl singing was telling her to ‘Shake it off’ and Megan was doing just that, dancing around the room.

The music was infectious and suited the weather. Happy, joyful and fun. This was Megan’s favourite song at the moment although Aimee would ask if she had to play it quite so many times. Of course she did, she laughed to herself as her feet moved her across the floor…




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